In response to COVID-19, our company launched the Ferrara Supply Division to manufacture Personal Protective Garments.

The Leader in
Women's Tailored

Manufactured in Manhattan

Area of expertise

Tailored Goods Production

Luxury womenswear including suits, trousers, jackets, and coats require specialty machinery, systems, and knowledge to execute at scale. The team at Ferrara’s prowess lies in tailored garments, in addition to dresses and eveningwear. Their in-house expertise includes full-canvas jackets. Typical production runs range from 50 to 250 units. There are few organizations in the world capable of producing this class of clothing and Ferrara Manufacturing represents the best of what can be made in America.

Area of expertise


Ferrara provides end-to-end manufacturing services; with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and product engineering capabilities to support the most technically detailed designs. Ferrara has pioneered auto-shrinkage and fabric refabrication techniques, which reduces the need for prototyping lead times. This same capability also powers customization for women's’ tailored products, one of the most demanding and sophisticated applications for custom clothes.

Area of expertise

Full-Package Production

As an FOB provider, Ferrara Manufacturing has an extensive network of fabric and trim sourcing, importing thousands of unique raw materials annually. The company exports over 50% of final garments to Europe and Asia, making it one of the largest tailored products exporters serving the high-end luxury market. Ferrara Manufacturing offers drop-ship and pre-sorting capabilities to support DTC and other direct fulfillment models worldwide.


Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

  • Next-Generation Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • 3D Infrared Depth Sensor Body Scanning
  • Automated Custom Clothing Services
  • Single Unit Production Order Management System
  • Collaborative Cloud-based PLM Solutions

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